What Your Friends Say About Running a Marathon: Marathon Training Academy Guest Post 4

This is the fourth guest post in a series that I have been doing over at Marathon Training Academy where I am sharing my experiences of running my first marathon.

What Your Friends Say About Running a Marathon

One of the cool things about running a marathon is that it gives you something to talk about with other people. There is just something about the ‘M’ word that gets people’s attention. Even non-runners typically respect the idea of running a marathon whether or not they encourage you.

But I especially enjoy meeting and talking with other marathoners, new or experienced. The topic can often give you something to build a friendship on.

Not too long ago, I was talking with a neighbor of mine about the upcoming race, and it turns out that he is running the same one. We spoke for some time in my front yard about marathon training, and being an experienced marathoner, he gave me some thoughts on what to expect. Here are a few pointers I thought I would share with you.

* Coke Bottle Remedy – After getting such eternal wisdom about the bandaids, I thought I would ask him his thoughts on the slight running pain on the ball of my right foot. Based on what I told him, he said to massage the bottom of my feet by rolling the feet on a coke bottle. I did use a filled water bottle to do the same thing, and it actually did seem to help relieve the tension….

Read the Entire Post, and Learn all of the tips that my friend Bob shared with me about running a marathon over at http://marathontrainingacademy.com/

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