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Is it OK to run with sore muscles?

Muscle pain or so-called curvature is a common denominator in all sports. Particularly present during the start-up or restart phases of training, they can cause disconfory, sometimes making walking almost impossible. But it is not a serious phenomenon and can generate even physical and psychological benefits.

What is a muscle pain?

Muscle pain is the result of micro-trauma to the muscle fibers. As a result of this injury, the body will trigger a mild inflammatory reaction, after which the muscle will heal.


During running the muscles are required by two distinct movements: the propulsion phase and the amputation phase.

Scientists have shown that the damping phase is responsible for most muscle aches. This is why muscle pain occurs faster when running is sloping or at high speeds, which means more constraint on the joints.

It should be noted that the pain does not appear during sports, but at 24, even 48 hours after the end of the training.


If muscle pain can become a hindrance to your workout, the fact that you experience muscle stiffness the day after your workout is a source of motivation: it means you have worked out what and how!

Another benefit: the feeling of overcompensation. The body will be stronger in the days when it is subjected to greater stress. The damaged fibers will be rebuilt so that the muscles become stronger. However, do not abuse this phenomenon to avoid injury.


The first factor that allows to limit the appearance of curvatures is the training.

The more muscles you exert, the more they will withstand the pain. If you experience muscle pain after each workout, it is because the body has not assimilated the characteristics of the running movement or that there is a rather long time interval between workouts.

After a more intense run than usual, it is advisable to avoid, for example, hot water baths.

The heat expands the veins which have a negative effect on blood circulation and increases the pain. On the other hand, experienced athletes opt for cryotherapy to recover faster.

Cold water is the one that will reduce the diameter of the veins and accelerate the blood circulation, following the benefits in terms of recovery.

The most beneficial solution to make curvatures disappear is rest. Every day you will see that the intensity of the muscle pain will diminish.

To help with the overall recovery, moderate sports activity is recommended. Attention, these sessions must be slow, and run for a short time (15-30 minutes) to activate the muscles.

Muscle pain is therefore unavoidable in running. But this phenomenon is not serious, all you have to do is listen to your body, to avoid their occurrence. In short: all evil for good!

Muscle pain or so-called curves are found in all sports. Especially during the start-up phases, these are very painful, sometimes making walking almost impossible.

But this phenomenon is not serious and can generate even physical and psychological benefits.

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