The Love and Hate of the Long Run: Marathon Training Academy Guest Post 5

the long run

Below is just a snapshot of the guest post I wrote over at the Marathon Training Academy regarding the long run. This is a part of a series I am doing there sharing my experience in training for my first marathon.  For the full article, go over to their site.

The Love and the Hate of the Long Run

In training for my first marathon, I understand the importance of the long run. Some days my long run is great, and some days the long run is not so great. You could say that I have a love hate relationship with the long run.

Let me share with you some ways that I love (or hate) the long run.

I Love Long Runs Because….

…Long Runs are Critical to Marathon Training

As most of you know, I am training for the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon in November. And a part of that training requires me to run weekly long runs of 10 miles or more. If you do not build up your endurance with the long runs then how will your body be able to run 26.2 miles? So one of the biggest reasons I ‘love’ the long run is that I know it will help me meet my goal of running my first marathon.

But I Hate Long Runs Because…

Please go read the full article, and share what you love, (or hate) about the long run.

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