The Final Surge: MTA Guest Post 6

I just wrote a guest post for the Marathon Training Academy Website. This is another post in a series where  I talk about my experience of training for my first marathon.  Below is a part of the article, but you can read the rest over at the link.  In this article I talk about making one final surge during my training.  I have enjoyed training for my first marathon, but now it is time to really surge ahead if I am going to be successful.  I tell a story about being on a long run and realizing that I only have a short time before the big day.

I had been running for 14 miles on a Saturday morning.  The run started at 6:15 and  it was dark and much cooler.  But after running for over two hours things had changed.  I was now out of fuel, not to mention energy.  The sun was out, and it was much hotter and I much sweatier than when I left the house.  My cardiovascular endurance was doing okay, but my legs were hurting, and seemed to have turned to jello.  I still had three miles to get back home, but it might as well have been another 14 miles.  I was unsure if I would even make it.  Does this sound familiar?

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What do you think?
For those of you running a marathon, or any race for that matter, do you need to make a final surge in your training?

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