Running for Beginners: Should You Run With Music?

running with music

I have been running for a long time now, but until recently, the idea of running with music was not very practical.  The advent of the iPod and the mp3 player, along with earbuds really has made it much easier to take some tunes with you while you run.  But the question still remains, should you run with music, or not? Advantages of Running With Music or iPod There are several advantages of running with […] Read more »

Spice Up Your Running Routine With These Monotony Busters

Do you dread the thought of going for a run? Or maybe your runs are just being done out of obligation.  If this describes your running routine, then it is possible that you need to spice up your runs a little.  If you do anything the same way each time, the fact is you will become bored with it over time.  Consider making some changes, and mixing things up a bit.  You will be surprised […] Read more »