Running to Lose Weight – The ‘One Percent to Success’ Tip

Success in anything does not usually come overnight. Rather, it is a process that takes time, persistence, and sometimes even stubbornness.  I once heard a success tip that suggested you just focus on making one percent improvement.  The idea is that if you improve just one percent each day, then over time you would have made huge improvements.   One percent improvement each day over a year is 365%, and if you even made 1 […] Read more »

Grasping the 5 Pieces of the Running for Weight Loss Puzzle

running to lose weight

My wife loves to put together puzzles.  She will spend hours and hours trying to match the right pieces together.  Finally, she will have a completed puzzle and a beautiful picture to enjoy.  Then I realized that weight loss and running can be a puzzle as well.  Weight loss truly can be a confusing and frustrating topic to understand.  You have all different types of exercise and diets out there, and you are not sure […] Read more »

The Cold Truth About Exercise and Metabolism

truth about BMR

The subject of metabolism and exercise seems to be a popular one. Many people wonder such things as ‘Does exercise increase my metabolism?”, or, ‘Will I burn more calories if I exercise in the morning that at night or the afternoon?”. Today we are going to address these questions, but you might not like the answer that I am going to give. What is Metabolism? First of all, lets clarify what metabolism is. Metabolism is […] Read more »

Which is More Important for Weight Loss: Excercise or Nutrition?

diet and running

Today, a friend of mine, Dr Robert Maki is going to provide some great insights and tips to weight loss, and provide thoughts on whether nutrition or exercise is more important in the role of weight loss. I want to thank Dr. Rob for taking the time to write this post so that we can learn how to lose weight and stay fit. For those that are running for weight loss, you may be surprised […] Read more »

Video Blog: Running to Lose Weight

Today, I thought I would share a video of tips for running for weight loss. In this video, Mr. Les Whitley provides some great tips and motivation for getting started with a running program so that you can lose some weight. It is a quick video, and will only take a minute of your time to watch. Maybe you can pick up a point or two that will help you run to lose weight. What […] Read more »

Journal Entry: My First Marathon and Poor Eating

For Friday posts, I have been posting about some random and different things about running.  On this Friday, I just wanted to share some personal thoughts about what I have been up to with my running program and what is going on in general.  This is kind of a journal entry or true ‘blog’ entry, but I think you can learn a lot about running for beginners by reading some of the points that I […] Read more »

How Many Calories Do You Consume?

Have you ever wondered how many calories you consume in a day?  Maybe you are you may be consuming more calories than you should.  Today, in this series on running to lose weight, we will help you understand the basic breakdown of calories and some ways ways to track your intake of calories. Recently we discussed a basic strategy for running to lose weight.  The basic idea behind losing weight boils down to a simple […] Read more »