Checklist of Running Gear and Apparel Items You Don’t Want to Forget

running apparel checklist

One good thing about running is that it does not take a lot of equipment to do. However, there a few accessories you may need to have to improve your running experience. This running gear is not too expensive and anyone, with a good budget, has enough money them without breaking a sweat. Of course, like many things you can spend as much or as little on any item as you feel comfortable. 

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Keep Your Eyes Protected with Some Cool Running Sunglasses

During the hot days of summer, and even in the winter months, the bright sun can make running outdoors uncomfortable for some.  Some people, like myself, tend to have sensitive eyes, and get headaches if they are out in the sun too long.  Not only that, but the sun’s rays can be harmful to your eyes over time.  Wearing the right sunglasses can help make your runs more comfortable, and keep your eyes healthy as […] Read more »