How to Hack the Overwhelm of Running

Are you overwhelmed with running

Are you overwhelmed or afraid of the unknown associated with running.  Starting anything new can have that effect, so you are not alone if you are a bit scared or overwhelmed as you start a new running program.  Today, I will give you three ways to hack the overwhelm of running so you can start running and stick with it. Baby Step It One movie that I have enjoyed watching is ‘What About Bob’.  In […] Read more »

Motivational Running Quotes to Get Some Fire in Your Shoes

running shoes on fire

Some days you just need some motivation or inspiration to run. Maybe you are bored, tired, or maybe you forgot why you run. If you are just starting out and learning about running for beginners, maybe you need a good running quote to give you a reason to run. Or, some of you just need a good laugh. Today, I want to share several quotes from some famous people as well as some not-so-famous people […] Read more »

Running Guide From the Marathon Training Academy

I was recently talking to a friend of mine and fellow blogger and podcaster, Trevor Spencer, over at Marathon Training Academy about what he has been up to with his site.  After tailing with him, I decided to share some of what they are up to over at the marathon Training Academy. Trevor and his wife Angie started a site and podcast to help people learn what it takes to run a marathon.  The podcast […] Read more »

Why Run?

Yesterday I was meeting with a few friends over breakfast, and the subject of health and running came up. They felt like running and being healthy was a waste of time, and that you should instead just ‘enjoy life’.  The point being was  that running and begin healthy is not enjoyable, that some people agonize over their diet and fitness plan, and they do not enjoy life.  They went on to say that these same […] Read more »

How to Squeeze Running Into a Hectic Schedule

Today is a Monday morning, and I have been trying to focus the Monday posts on something motivational.  So, today I want to talk about how it can be difficult to run when your schedule is hectic, and there does not seem to be time to fit in a run. Is your schedule so busy that you do have a tough time fitting in exercise?  Here are a few ideas that may help you squeeze […] Read more »

Run Like a Sumo Wrestler

Recently, on the Yahoo! blog network, it was  reported that the heaviest man on record has run now completed a marathon.  I thought this was a quite interesting and motivating story for my readers.  Seeing this man do this is definitely an encouragement to me, and made me decide that I can do a marathon, too.  That is not to say that you must run a marathon, but perhaps you need to set your running […] Read more »

Spice Up Your Running Routine With These Monotony Busters

Do you dread the thought of going for a run? Or maybe your runs are just being done out of obligation.  If this describes your running routine, then it is possible that you need to spice up your runs a little.  If you do anything the same way each time, the fact is you will become bored with it over time.  Consider making some changes, and mixing things up a bit.  You will be surprised […] Read more »