Running Guide Development

Thank you for your interest in a guide here at Start Running for Beginners.  Learning about running is a great way to start or improve a running program.  At this time we are working to complete the 101 Running Tips eBook and the Running to Lose Weight eBook. These will be great additions to the library of products we are providing here. Right now we do have the A to Z Running Guide for Beginners […] Read more »

Is Running a Priority?

We all must have priorities in life.  By having priorities in life, we can have balance, which is just a better way to live.  But where does running fit into your life?  Is it too high or too low a priority?  These are questions we will examine, and help you ensure running is at the right place in your life. So the first thing is to examine your priorities.  For some of you, maybe you […] Read more »

Facing the Giants and Running

I enjoyed the Movie Facing the Giants when it came out on video a couple years ago. It is a football movie with a Christian emphasis, but I think this clip illustrates a great concept that you can use to help you in your running.  Take a minute to view the video and let me know your thoughts. Did you notice how Brock was able to do the crab walk much further than he even […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: How to Get into the Habit of Running

how to get in the habit of running

If you are like most people, you want to be fit and trim, and be on a regular exercise program.  You really want to get started running, but for some reason you just cannot get off the lazy boy and stick with a running program.    I know that forming a new habit and changing your patterns of life can be difficult. This is true if  you are trying to get into the habit of […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: How Long Does it Really Take to Form the Habit of Running?

how to start running habit in 66 days

I know you may have tried running before.  You probably went running around the block a few times, and came back sweaty and tired, and realized this was hard work.  You may have even worked up to running for a week or two, but the habit just did not ‘stick’.  One of the problems is that you just did not give it enough time to sink in, and establish a habit.   It took you an […] Read more »

Seven Things That May be Holding You Back From A Successful Running Program

runner being held back

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from having a successful running program?  Some of you are just having a difficult time getting started, and today we are going to explore why.  Maybe you have recently started and just could not stick with the program, perhaps you are someone who has not able to get started at all, or maybe you are just learning about running, and testing the waters to learn what […] Read more »

How to Overcome a Setback in Your Running Program

running setbacks

From time to time, we all will experience some sort of setbacks in our running and exercise program.  In fact, setbacks are just a part of life.  How we deal with those setbacks often defines who we are as a person.  The longer you work at this, the more chance you will have some issue that will prevent you from running.  The question is, what should you do to get back onto a running program, […] Read more »