7 Common Running Mistakes for Beginners Avoid

Running Mistake

Many people have started to run at some point only to end up back on the couch wondering how they are going to lose that spare tire from around their belly. Today, we provide several pitfalls, or mistakes, that many new runners should avoid when they start running.  If you avoid these pitfalls, then you will be well on your way to meeting your running goals. * No Clear Running Goals – Some people start […] Read more »

Journal Entry: My First Marathon and Poor Eating

For Friday posts, I have been posting about some random and different things about running.  On this Friday, I just wanted to share some personal thoughts about what I have been up to with my running program and what is going on in general.  This is kind of a journal entry or true ‘blog’ entry, but I think you can learn a lot about running for beginners by reading some of the points that I […] Read more »

Audit Your Running Program

At least once a year, millions of Americans work diligently to review the financial information for the previous year, and then file their taxes for the IRS.  Some will get refunds, and others will have to pay.  At the time I am writing this, i just finished doing my taxes for 2010.  I am thankful that I am in the group that will be getting some back from Uncle Sam. Doing my taxes is definitely […] Read more »

Spring Forward to Your Running Goals

This weekend we in the US change our clocks by ‘springing forward’.  It is a sign that spring is here, and winter is moving to our rearview mirror.  Indeed, the birds start chirping, and the sun shines a little clearer.  What a better time to revisit your running goals, and think about some ways to supercharge your running program. Here are a Ten Running Goals you may want to look at this spring (or anytime) […] Read more »