Running for Weight Loss: Five Foods To Eat that Help You Burn Fat

The word of the day for those who are running for weight loss and want to burn the fat is … metabolism.  Why?  Well if you can burn calories faster than you take them in, then you will eventually lose weight. The idea that some people have is that if you just burn more calories than you eat then you will eventually lose weight.  In part they are right, but the math is not quite […] Read more »

Review: PR*Bar is a Great Tool for Your Running and Weight Loss Success

I just tried out a nutrition bar called the PR*Bar, and I wanted to share my experience with you, and how this bar could provide you with the missing component that you need to really take your running to the next level. As we have talked about before, most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, and eating a high carbohydrate diet. The PR*Bar is a nutrition bar that is used to help give […] Read more »

Mind Tricks to Have Self Control to Lose Weight – Part II

I hope that in the Part I of this two part post on Self Control Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight, I got you thinking about a few ways to increase your self control, and ultimately unlock the keys to weight loss.  In this post I continue where I left off and give you some additional ways to improve your self control. Prep your mind when going out to eat or to parties. Before […] Read more »

40 + Tips to Make Gradual Success in Your Running to Lose Weight Program

running to lose weihgt is not working

Last week I shared with you a weight loss success tip that will help you in your running for weight loss goals.  The idea is to change things gradually over time in order to make progress in your life, in your running program, and in your weight loss program.  I told you to pick one area at a time and focus on that until you had changed the habit for the better. Well, today I […] Read more »

Running to Lose Weight – The ‘One Percent to Success’ Tip

Success in anything does not usually come overnight. Rather, it is a process that takes time, persistence, and sometimes even stubbornness.  I once heard a success tip that suggested you just focus on making one percent improvement.  The idea is that if you improve just one percent each day, then over time you would have made huge improvements.   One percent improvement each day over a year is 365%, and if you even made 1 […] Read more »

Grasping the 5 Pieces of the Running for Weight Loss Puzzle

running to lose weight

My wife loves to put together puzzles.  She will spend hours and hours trying to match the right pieces together.  Finally, she will have a completed puzzle and a beautiful picture to enjoy.  Then I realized that weight loss and running can be a puzzle as well.  Weight loss truly can be a confusing and frustrating topic to understand.  You have all different types of exercise and diets out there, and you are not sure […] Read more »