Get Inspired From My Marathon Journey Guest Post

Marathon Training

If you were not aware, I am working to run my first marathon this fall.  Along the way, I have decided to share my experiences in a blog series over at Marathon Training Academy.  During this series, I will share my experience of training for and preparing for my first marathon using the MTA Official Guide.  I am hoping my triumphs and failures along the way to running my first marathon will provide inspiration for […] Read more »

Running Guide From the Marathon Training Academy

I was recently talking to a friend of mine and fellow blogger and podcaster, Trevor Spencer, over at Marathon Training Academy about what he has been up to with his site.  After tailing with him, I decided to share some of what they are up to over at the marathon Training Academy. Trevor and his wife Angie started a site and podcast to help people learn what it takes to run a marathon.  The podcast […] Read more »