What Would Your Doctor Say About Weight Loss

If you asked your Doctor his approach to weight loss, what do you think he would say?  In this post, we are going to find out some weight loss tips from a doctor who specializes in the subject. We have been recently discussing the subject of running to lose weight, and today’s post focusing primarily on the diet and eating side of the weight loss equation.  Running can be a key factor in losing weight, […] Read more »

Four Important Health Benefits of Running

Most people run to stay in shape, lose weight, or for some other health benefit.  The fact is that there are many health benefits associated with running.  This article addresses just a few of those benefits. Keep Your Weight in Check The biggest reason that I run is to stay in shape.  I have never really had a weight problem, and I think that is mostly because I have basically ran regularly my whole life.  […] Read more »