Running for Weight Loss: Five Foods To Eat that Help You Burn Fat

The word of the day for those who are running for weight loss and want to burn the fat is … metabolism.  Why?  Well if you can burn calories faster than you take them in, then you will eventually lose weight. The idea that some people have is that if you just burn more calories than you eat then you will eventually lose weight.  In part they are right, but the math is not quite […] Read more »

Gear Review: How the Nike + iPod Can Be Like Your Own Running Coach

Nike Plus iPod

I just tried out the Nike + iPod device to use try out on my running workouts, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I have actually only ran with it twice, and I think that overall I like it, and think it is worth the price I paid. What is the Nike Plus iPod If you are not familiar with the Nike + iPod device, basically it consists of a transmitter […] Read more »

Can You Outrun Your Eating Habits?

Do you think that because you have started running that you can eat whatever you want that day and still drop some weight?  Your body is burning more calories, so it does not matter what you eat, right?  Well, actually is does matter.  Though you are burning more calories by running, that may not mean you can just start eating with no abandon.  I know I have fallen into that trap myself, but have found […] Read more »