The Cold Truth About Exercise and Metabolism

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The subject of metabolism and exercise seems to be a popular one. Many people wonder such things as ‘Does exercise increase my metabolism?”, or, ‘Will I burn more calories if I exercise in the morning that at night or the afternoon?”. Today we are going to address these questions, but you might not like the answer that I am going to give. What is Metabolism? First of all, lets clarify what metabolism is. Metabolism is […] Read more »

Which is More Important for Weight Loss: Excercise or Nutrition?

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Today, a friend of mine, Dr Robert Maki is going to provide some great insights and tips to weight loss, and provide thoughts on whether nutrition or exercise is more important in the role of weight loss. I want to thank Dr. Rob for taking the time to write this post so that we can learn how to lose weight and stay fit. For those that are running for weight loss, you may be surprised […] Read more »