Supplements to Recover from Running Workouts

For those starting a running program, or for anyone who is getting a good strong workout, you may sometimes feel fatigued after the workout, and for a large part of the day.  If this is true, there are some things that you can do to recover better after a workout, and decrease the fatigue.     In addition to getting good sleep, and having a good fueling diet and nutrition plan, sometimes you still need to have some supplements to help reduce the fatigue.

Recently, I asked my friend, Dr Robert Maki, a weight loss expert, his views on this issue of using supplements to recover from running fatigue.  This is what he shared with me on the subject.

Supplements You Need to Battle Running Fatigue

As for the supplement question from one of your readers, I typically recommend the basics first like a good quality mulit-vitamin and an omega-3 fatty acid source, of either cod liver oil or flax oil.  For post workout recovery, which is certainly a big deal I will recommend “buffered vitamin C powder,” which provides about 2,500 mg of Vitamin C per 1 tsp.  Depending on the persons activity level, I will tell them to take it to “bowel tolerance.”  If you take too much vitamin C, it will cause loose stool.  That is obviously the dose point where someone would stop and even drop back slightly to resolve the loose stool.

A lot of time, the after workout fatigue is due to high stress, over training, or possibly both.  I get people away from coffee and caffeine in general because it makes people more tired and adds another stress to the body.  Fatigue can also be a liver and/or an insulin issue, but I would need more information to know for sure.  Another great and simple recovery supplement is creatine mono hydrate.  It is inexpensive and well tolerated by most people.  It works just as good for endurance as it does for strength training.  I have been using it myself for years.

This link is where I get supplements for all my patients.  The brands listed are “physician or healthcare practitioner only” brands.  Feel free to browse around and let me know if you have any more questions.

Simple Supplement Ideas for Runners
•    Multi-vitamin (capsule form not tablets – minimum of 4-6 caps per day)
•    Omega-3 Fatty Acid source (cod liver oil or flax oil)
•    Vitamin C powder (2,000 mg to 5,000 mg+ daily – “to bowel tolerance”)
•    Creatine Monodyrate (follow instructions on label for loading phase and maintenance)

What do you think?

Do you ever get fatigued after running?

What has helped you battle running fatigue?

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  1. Jeffrey Bryant says:

    These are some really great ideas that I will have to look into. I used to run 6-8 miles a day religiously rain-snow or shine. But after fifteen years, I’m just getting back to it now. I’ve put on a lot of weight I know that running can help me get the weight off. Thanks for the great article.

    • Andy says:

      Hi, I am glad you are getting back to running. You may want to look at the articles here on running for weight loss as well. Let me know how things go. Cheers,


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