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3 warm-up exercises before running, very simple!

Avoid accidents, do a little warm-up before running!

Spring has settled quite comfortably and brought you a crazy move! And what can be more convenient and faster than a few minutes of running in the park or in the neighborhood?

Well, before you walk out the door in a lively way, you must know that it is absolutely essential to do a little warm-up before running, and the following rows will help you get in shape quickly!
Warm-up exercises before running, for performance and safety

Start with a brisk walk to get your blood moving. Easily speed up the step until you reach a moderate form of jogging.

The time dedicated to this exercise varies depending on your physical form and the time of day you decide to run: if it is somewhere in the evening, a few minutes of brisk walking are sufficient, but if you want to run in the morning, the warm-up should take longer. a lot to feel in shape.

Then, here are some simple warm-up exercises before running:

  • Stand upright, arms around the body, then raise each knee as high as you can. You can perform this exercise by going or on the spot.
  • Stand upright, your arms close to your body, your legs close together and jump with both feet simultaneously, trying to reach your back with your heels. Jump twice, pause for 1-2 seconds, then jump again 2 times.
  • Walking Fusion: Make a fusion in front of your left foot, leaving your body down until your right leg is almost parallel to the ground, then stand up, bring your right foot in front and repeat the movement. Throughout the exercise, be sure to keep your back straight and your abdomen slightly bent.

You can try both classic and lateral fusions to diversify the movements.

Perform at least one set of 10 repetitions for each of these warm-up exercises before running.
Stretching movements for warm-up before running

Stretching exercises improve flexibility and significantly reduce the risk of injury, which is why it would be good to dedicate them at least 5 to 10 minutes before running. Here are some examples of stretching exercises here.

If you want to run longer and better, do not skip the warm-up stage because not only will you be at increased risk of injury, but you will get tired in just a few minutes, especially if you are not used to physical exertion.

Stretching after running

If you run regularly, you should try to incorporate a few types of stretches into your daily routine, so that you also take care of your muscles.

The movements are not heavy at all, they are very handy, but they are still painful to some extent.

I think many of the runners will agree with me when I say that I generally don’t absolutely like doing anything else other than running itself.

If you let go of my head, I will probably train my legs a bit and then give up, but when I have the time and desire to watch the videos I find on YouTube about running and maintaining muscles, I am more likely to succeed. I convince myself that it is absolutely necessary to do all the suggested stretches.

YouTube can be a fantastic resource, providing hundreds of results when looking for “yoga for runners” or “stretches for runners”.

Unfortunately, however, not all of them are as useful and it is quite frustrating to feel at one point that you spend entire minutes watching videos that are nothing but pigs. Believe me, it is!

But I found good results, and below I will try to show you four videos that are really worth watching, if you are one of the runners looking for a well-informed and well-designed stretching program.

Yoga for runners. 9 minutes of post-run stretching

This is an excellent option, presenting some quick stretches that will bring great benefits to your feet.

The clip takes you through movements for each of the two legs separately, reaching all major muscle groups that need attention after running.

After the introduction, the stretching part of the video is shorter than 9 minutes, so even the hottest, busiest and most patriotic runner will be able to afford a little time to watch this video at some point in the week. to be crowded. If you have more time available, you can do this program twice.

The ideal post-run stretching program

If you want a clear and detailed description of the benefits that every stretching motion you make has for your health, this is the video best suited for you.

I personally like, for example, I like to be told just exactly what I need to do, but if you are the type who finds the information as useful as possible, then surely you will be completely satisfied with this video that presents your program post-run, in a special presentation with a charming Canadian accent.

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