Sometimes You Need an Easy Week of Running

relaxation and running

Not too long ago I had a really down week.  I was tired, and my muscles were sore.  My lower back muscles were especially tight, and I decided to take it a little easier this week.  That is why I did two cross training days, and I took one day to just do the stretching and strength exercises.  The key though, is that even though I took it easy that week, I still was able to stay in a routine of daily exercise and activity, and I was able to burn a few calories as well.  Life is a series of ups and downs, and it is okay to let our exercise cycle follow that pattern to a certain extent.  But at some point you will need to pick the intensity back up  at some point, and get back into it.  Just realize that it is okay to have an easy week every once in a while…. In fact I think I will take it easy today and make this post shorter than normal 😉

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