Running to Lose Weight – The ‘One Percent to Success’ Tip

one percent success tip for running for weight loss

Success in anything does not usually come overnight. Rather, it is a process that takes time, persistence, and sometimes even stubbornness.  I once heard a success tip that suggested you just focus on making one percent improvement.  The idea is that if you improve just one percent each day, then over time you would have made huge improvements.   One percent improvement each day over a year is 365%, and if you even made 1 percent change each week, then you would be at least half better, right?  Okay, so this may sound like an oversimplified concept, but it does work.  Breaking things down like this makes them easier to swallow, and easier to do.  When we look at the overall goal, we can be overwhelmed.  But breaking something down into smaller components can really help.

I believe this same principle can be applied to weight loss and running for weight loss as well.    If you just focus on the fact that you want to drop 30 pounds, you will probably get discouraged.  Instead, try to focus on making gradual changes, and focusing on the small improvements that you can easily make to your life.

So, how can you make gradual changes in your running for weight loss program?

First, pick one aspect of your running program or nutrition that you want to focus on.  Then, gradually change that one area until you finally have eliminated that habit or changed it for the better.  Then, after you get that one area taken care of, then move on to the next one.  You may decide to pick one thing each day, or perhaps you can change one thing every week.

What do you think?

Do you think it is easier to achieve things using the ‘One Percent Rule’?

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