Running Tips for the Overweight

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Being obese can take its toll on you both physically as mentally.  Overweight people tend to be more likely find themselves in life-threatening illnesses and face a myriad of self-esteem issues. Therefore, beginning a running program could be a great way to get on the right track with these issues.

To address this point, today I brought in another post from my Friend David. He shares some great Running Tips that will help overweight people improve their running. 

Here are 6 Beginner Running TIps for Overweight People

Believe in Yourself
The first change you might need to make is to pull the switch inside your mind and decide, without reservation, to start out a running program, today. It all starts with the mind, and without its partnership, your weight loss endeavor won’t yield much result.
One way you could do this is to have a person hold you accountable for taking action. Turn to your spouse or a good friend to monitor your progress and provide you the needed encouragement.
Think Long-Term
The fitness industry is full with promises of immediate and miraculous makeovers and quick fixes, but trust me, this couldn’t be more wrong.  There are companies and advertising people that are doing just what they have been taught to accomplish:  sell more.   And the the average person who would like to lose weight suffers greatly from this situation.
Unfortunately, the magical pill for weight loss just does not exist. If you want to long lasting life change then you need to eliminate instant gratification and make sure that your eyes on the big picture.
Always begin your running sessions with a decent warm-up. No need to charge on full pace from the start. Instead, you should make warming up your body a priority. Hence, before breaking into your mainstream running speed, you have to begin the routine with brisk walking and doing some light stretching.
Proper Running Shoes
Running shoes have one crucial role for everyone to help protect your feet and joints from the high impact nature of running.  This is especially true for those that are carrying extra weight.  And if you combine this with running in the wrong shoes, you will only increase the odds of injury.
Go to your closest sports retailer and ask for advice-just remember to give them a screening test before you make the purchase.
Know Your Limits
Some people get injured too soon because they overlook early pain signals. This is a big mistake. Listen to your body and take caution if you feel sharp pains.

Because of this, you may need to include more walking into your running schedule. At least up the point after you feel positive enough about pushing the intensity more but without harming yourself along the way.

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  1. Andrew Tonks says:

    Great article, this will help me load with my running and weight loss.

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