Running Success Principle: Sacrifices and Choices

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, I heard one of the athletes being interviewed after she won a swimming event. She was asked what sacrifices she had to make in order to be successful. But she gave an answer that was surprising.  I do not recall the name of the athlete, but I do know that was a wise statement that she made.  She said that it is not really about sacrifices, but it is about choices.  In her mind she was not giving up anything, but she was choosing to get something greater.

This is a wonderful mindset to have for your running, weight loss, and for life success in general.  Stop thinking that you are making sacrifices, and start making choices about how you want to be successful.  Choose to get up early and go for a run instead of sleeping in.  Choose to eat a piece of fruit after dinner instead of a dessert.  Choose to push yourself a little harder a little further during your next run.  Choose to add an extra day of exercise.  These are all great choices that will make you a better runner, and more healthy.  In your daily life there are plenty of choices to make.  Really it is just a matter of your perspective and your priority as to what choice you will make.
What Do You Think?
What are some choices that you have had to make to be more healthy?  

What are some other choices that you need to make?

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