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running shoeI have decided to do a product review each Thursday as a part of the blog.  Today, I wanted to take a look at running shoes.  Your running shoes are the most important item you wear, and you will want to take your time in making the right decision.  In addition, you really should consider making an investment in a good running shoe.  Having the wrong shoe can affect your running form which can also lead to injury.  If you save a few dollars on a running shoe only to spend hundreds of dollars due to an injury, then what have you really gained?

The topic of running shoes can actually be confusing, and there are several things to consider such as your size, weight, your gait, or how you pronate, as well as other considerations.  The best thing to do is to find a knowledgeable running shoe salesman and ask him to measure you and give you recommendations.  I took it a step further, and actually went to a friend of mine who is a sports therapist who understands the subject very well.  I will share what his recommendations for me were, but obviously the shoes that you need could be different depending on your specific needs.

In my case, I tend to underpronate, which means that my toes point out slightly and I do not roll my foot to the ball enough.  As such, the sports therapist recommended that I purchase a shoe that had good flexibility which will allow me to pronate more.  For those that have a neutral gait, or if you overpronate, then your shoe needs will be different.  For example, those that overpronate usually need a shoe that is a little more rigid, which corrects some of the pronation.

The therapist actually wrote out a prescription for the kind of shoe that I needed, options for shoes, and even where to pick the shoes up. I was not sure whether the shoe salesman would understand the prescription, but he did.  The shoes that were recommended included the Saucony Omni and Hurricane, and Brooks Adrenaline.  I ended up selecting the Saucony Omni Shoes.  If you have a similar gait that I do, then perhaps this will be a good running shoe for you.  I know they were good to me.

What do you think?
What running shoes do you like?

Take Action
Go see a shoe salesman and/or sports therapist, and then select the right shoe for your needs.

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