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my running blogToday is a personal blog entry to share with you how things in general as well as my running are going.  My hope is that you can learn from my experiences in life and in running, and understand even more about running for beginners.

I did not go run this morning, even though I had planned to, because I was quite tired.  Last night I stayed up pretty late working, and I decided that with the few hours of sleep I had I would probably set myself up for a sluggish run and maybe injury.  I have gone on runs like that before, and they are really no fun.  I need to work on getting better rest every night, but especially on nights before I go running.

But sometimes your work and home life can be demanding on you, and your rest pays the price.  There is probably no excuse for staying up late to work like that, but it seems like sometimes I can just get more done late when things kind of settle down.  From the standpoint of my running program, though, it can be tough to balance the demands of your work life, home life, and fitness.

The other thing that happened today is I actually went to see my Doc for a general checkup, and I wanted to tell him about a few minor things that have been bothering me.  For one, I had been getting these blur spots in my vision sometimes.  The blurriness would start as a small spot, and then get larger.  Over the course of an hour they would go away with no other problems.    The last two times this happened was on days after long runs.  The conclusion the Doc came up with is that I am probably not getting enough water, and so I am experiencing an ocular migraine.  The solution to the problem is rather obvious.  I need to drink a lot more water.  And, with summer coming up, that is even more true.  So, I guess I need to take my own advice and maybe pick up one of those hydration packs for running that I posted about recently..

On a good note, the doctor did clear me to run the marathon that I am doing in November.  In fact, he is considering running the same marathon, so maybe I will see him there.  I will definitely try to stick with him during the race. That way, if something happens to me along the way, he can help me out 😉

What do you think?

Do you get enough rest, or does work and family life keep you up late?

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