Running Breathing and Beginners

running breathing

This is an article that I am posting on behalf of my Friend David, with some small tweaks of my own 😉

Learning the correct breathing technique is obviously a key part of effective running training. In truth lots of novice runners battle just to keep up for very long given that they haven’t yet mastered good running breathing techniques.
Therefore, here are a few guidelines that can help you develop best breathing pattern during running exercises.

Why breathing is so important

This obvious biological reality eludes most beginner runners. Your body runs on oxygen. Without it, your muscles can’t and won’t perform as you want them to. So breathing ensures the constant delivery of this precious life element to your body and working muscles.

  Furthermore, proper breathing promotes relaxation and mental focus. These are crucial components of an effective and enjoyable running program, no doubt about it.

And the more fulfilling a workout is, the more likely you going to stick to it.

How to breathe well

Now that you’re sold on the effectiveness of proper breathing during your running workouts, below are a few tips that can help you a great deal.

Do I need to Breathe in through the nose and out of the mouth


This is actually a common myth of some runners and especially newbies.  The reality is that you can breathe through both the nose and mouth at the same time, and probably should do so in order to get the maximum amount of air to your lungs.

Take deep breaths

Many beginner runners are chest breathers, and end up with cramps.  You should breathe more deeply by using the lower diaphragm more.  This type of breathing ensures the delivery of the highest amount of oxygen into your body and promotes a sense of relaxation and overall well-being.

The way that you know you are using diaphragm breathing is that your belly will rise and lower while you are breathing.

In fact, if you want a stress-free lifestyle, you need to practice diaphragm breathing throughout the day.  This tip will especially help you during your ‘down’ moments when you start feeling fatigue and anxiety taking over your life.

Breathing cadence

For more advanced breathing practice, you could try a breathing cadence of 2-2.  This just means that you inhale while you in inhale both feet strike the ground, and as you exhale both feet strike the ground.

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