Review: PR*Bar is a Great Tool for Your Running and Weight Loss Success

PR*Bar Nutrition BarI just tried out a nutrition bar called the PR*Bar, and I wanted to share my experience with you, and how this bar could provide you with the missing component that you need to really take your running to the next level.

As we have talked about before, most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, and eating a high carbohydrate diet. The PR*Bar is a nutrition bar that is used to help give you an edge on performance and weight loss by giving you the much needed protein and other ingredients to supplement your diet and give you an

I had not actually heard of PR*Bar before, but I thought I would give a few a try. The bars come in different flavors including my favorite two, chocolate and the peanut butter. I think the bars really do taste pretty good. I had to share a bar with my wife and oldest son, too, and they felt the bars were good as well. But I enjoyed the bars too much to share anymore, and I explained to them that I was ‘testing’ the bars for the blog!

But the bars are not candy bars, but actually nutritious. Each bar is packed with 15 grams of protein. And as we have discussed before, it is important to get those proteins in order to be effective in your running and your weight loss.

I found the bars to be a good supplement at breakfast to get a good start on the day. The bars are also great to eat at mid-morning or mid-afternoon when I get hungry and start looking for something to snack on. Also, I took a bar before I went on a 13.1 mile long run as a part of my training for the upcoming marathon I am running. Having that extra energy during my long run really does help.

Many of you reading this are running for weight loss,  the biggest reason that you will benefit from this bar will be to help you to lose weight. This bar, along with a balanced diet and exercise program, will help you do exactly that. According to PR*Bar, these nutrition bars have the following benefits:

* Controls hunger for 4 hours
* 15 grams of protein
* Use body fat for fuel
* Improves Mental Stamina
* All Natural
* 200 Calories
* Controls blood sugar


If you have been looking for a nutrition bar to help you meet your running and weight loss goals, then you should try out the PR*Bar. Go over to the link provided for a case of 16 today.

For more information , also go check out

What do you think?
Have you tried the PR*Bar? What was the biggest benefit to using this bar?

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