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I have talked here about how getting a workout in can be difficult with the pace and the hectic lives that we lives.  Trying to juggle exercise around our work schedule can be difficult to say the least.  Well, what if I told you that you could get a workout while you are at the office working?  That is exactly what Dr James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has pondered when he came up with the idea for a treadmill desk.

As reported on the website

Dr Levine’s research revealed that on the average his subjects burned 100 extra calories every hour while walking slowly — at 1 mile per hour — than while sitting in a chair.
Dr. Levine believes that if individuals were to replace 8 hours a day of sitting at their “normal” desk with a Treadmill Desk, and if other components of energy balance were constant, a weight loss of 57 pounds a year could occur.
This website is designed to provide everything you need to know if you want to become a member of the Treadmill Desk revolution. Don’t miss the movies and slide shows over on your left.

The product even made Good Morning America News…

The website goes on to describe how one person “virtually” walked across the continental United States using the treadmill desk while he worked a the office over the course of about a year.

Walking for Beginners

Given this is a running site, and you will not practically be able to run while you are on this machine, but consider that walking is a good supplement to running on off days, can be used for light cross training, and can looses your muscles.  In addition, walking can help to burn calories and help you to lose weight.

So perhaps you could do some walking while working on some emails or other deskwork.
If the Treadmill Desk is something you are considering, go check out the website, and learn how to build one for your self.

What do you think about the Treadmill Desk?

Do you think this is a silly idea or a good way to “Work Out”  … Sorry I could not resist the pun 🙂

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