Power Runner’s Recipe: Banana Cream

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Bananas are a great food to provide nutrients and give you those carbs you need as a runner both before the workout and during recovery.  But, this fruit can also help to satisfy you when you are poking around the house for something sweet.

Last night my wife made something she calls banana cream, which is made from frozen bananas that are blended until smooth.  She puts some chopped dates on the top of it to add a caramel flavor to it.  I was actually amazed at how good it tasted even though it was totally natural.

To make the banana cream, first you will need to peel and dice a banana, and freeze the pieces.  The more the banana is ripe, the better.  Next, chop the frozen bananas in the food processor.  At first they will chop, and then it will form a kind of ball that spins around in the food processor.  Once it reaches this stage, let it continue for a few more seconds, and then it is done.  At that point, you should have your tasty banana cream.  Add some dates, coconut or carob to spice it up a little.  Or you can add some peanuts and honey for toppings.  Either way, this is a tasty snack that you can use to stay away from the sweets while getting the carbs you need for running.

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