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running hurldesToday I just wanted to share a few things going on with me and my running program in hopes that you can learn from my experiences.

My personal running program has been going well going well until just recently, when I had a few hurdles that slowed me down.  The first ‘hurled’ that I faces was getting a case of bronchitis.  It was quite painful as I had a constant cough.  There were times is felt like a cheese grater running over my lungs.  Ouch!  I had to take a few days off completely, and also take it easy for a while in order to improve.  I had to decide that it is okay to take time off, and does not make me less of a runner to do so.

Then, if that were not enough, right after the bronchitis, I sprained my knee while playing frisbee with the kids.  My son and I were both going for the frisbee when we collided, and he hit my knee.  Franky, I did not realize that you could sprain your knee by this way, but trust me – it is possible.  At first, I thought I just bruised my knee, and I did not give it much thought.  In fact, I did something that I wish I did not do that same day – I went for a seven mile run!

When I got back from my run, my knee was a bit tight, but I still thought I was fine.  Later that night I woke up with a serious pain in my entire knee. I remembered that I needed to use the RICE method to treat injurues, so I tried to get up to get some ice, but I could barely walk.  Somehow I got hobbled to the kitchen and got the ice, and then eventually I made it back to bed and to sleep.

Fortunately, after a few days, some ice, and pain-reliever, my knee was fine.  I am glad that it is not worse, and that I can get back to training.  These health hurdles have caused me to fall back a bit over the past couple weeks. I will have to work hard to get back on track, but I am happy to get back to my running program once again.

I have already seen a few minor hurdles in my training, but I know what my purpose is for running, and that will keep me motivated to keep going.

What do You Think?
have you had any health hurdles that have challenged your running program?

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  1. Erica says:

    I just discovered this web site today and have read through several articles. I just wanted to share my difficulty with hurtles as well. I have only been running for a little over a year. I have always wanted to be a runner, but was too afraid to really try until recently (silly, I know). Anyways, I loved it and it just amazed me at how much I could do once I got past that initial struggle to rum 3 miles straight. I met my first hurtle when I promised to train for a half marathon with a friend, still very early in my running. I was unfortunately terribly inconsistent with the shorter runs during the week. Several weeks I only ran the long runs. I did not have problems until I started getting into the 9 mile long runs. I had promised to run the full 13.1 miles prior to her race with her, so I did it, even though I know that I was not physically ready. That was the end of March 2011. I suffered a right IT band injury. Since then I have tried multiple times to return to running, but I continue to re-injure myself. Mostly I believe because I tend to be very inconsistent with any running and I do not cross train like I should. I am determined to get back to running without continuing this pattern, so I am looking for a mentor to hold me accountable for my exercises and to help me to recognize when I am slipping into self- destructive patterns. Since I believe that there are probably others who also have similar difficulties,I just wanted to share my experience and my current plans.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Erica, Thanks for sharing your hurdles. I hope your injury gets better. With proper treatment it should get better with time. Build up your running base of short runs, walking and cross training slowly, and you’ll be back in business. Happy Running!

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