Get Ready to Rock – Marathon Training Guest Post

Even if you are not running a marathon, I think the guest post I just did over at Marathon Training will help you as a runner think about some things related to races, injury, and motivation. This is the second post in the series on my personal journey of running a marathon.

Ready to Rock!
Well, it is official!  I just signed up for my first marathon.  I am going to be doing the Rock and Roll marathon in Savannah, Georgia – which happens to be close to my home in Beaufort, SC.  So, now that I have signed up there is no turning back!  And, I am certainly not going to let the readers here or my family down either!  I will be running the marathon on November 5, 2011.  They will have bands set up throughout the 26.2 mile journey, which will be pretty cool.  Who knows, maybe a power song at mile 18 will be just the thing I need to keep going.

Rock n Roll Marathon Savannah Georgia

The registration form requested that I give my expected completion time, so I  had to come up with a guess.  I filled it out as 4 hours and 45 minutes. I tried to keep my time on the high end, but I am certainly hoping I can finish better than that.  After all, according to the MTA Official Guide Will Ferrell, Oprah, P Diddy, and George W Bush all did better than that!  But I am apparently not the caliber runner of P Diddy (4:14:54), yet.  I have been running my long runs at around 10 minutes to the mile.  A 10-minute mile race would put me at four hours and 22 minutes, so hopefully this leaves some room for error… Continue to read the rest of this post over at Marathon Training Academy

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