Mind Tricks to Have Self Control to Lose Weight – Part II

I hope that in the Part I of this two part post on Self Control Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight, I got you thinking about a few ways to increase your self control, and ultimately unlock the keys to weight loss.  In this post I continue where I left off and give you some additional ways to improve your self control.

  • Prep your mind when going out to eat or to parties.

Before you go out, go ahead and decide what you will eat at the restaurant.  If you wait until you get there to decide, you may cave in and get something you will regret later.

  • How Far Do you Have to Run to Work That Off?


We do not really encourage counting calories here, but we try to help you focus on eating the right kind of foods.  But If you think about the amount of calories that candy bar or soda has, and how far you have to run to work it off, you may think twice about eating that little snack.

  • Bonus:  Get Support From Friends –


Having a friend to help you stay on track is probably one of the best tips to losing weight, and maintaining self control.  Tell a friend what your goals are, and ask them to follow up with you every week or so.  if you know you have to face a friend the next week it will change your eating habits.

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