Mind Tricks to Have Self Control to Lose Weight – Part I

Last night I was asking my wife what are some tips to maintain self control with eating.  After all, most of us have a general understanding of the foods we should eat and those we should not eat.  And most of us know what kind of foods we should avoid.  If we know these things, then why do we not always follow them?  The answer is that we often do not have the necessary control to eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones.  In this post, I will share with you a few tips, or ‘mind tricks’ to help you get some self control and conquer your weight loss goals.



  • Consider How You Will Feel

The next time that you are about to eat a large bowl of ice cream, or down a couple doughnuts, take a minute to consider how those foods really make you feel afterwards.  For me, those foods often leave me feeling bloated, ‘fat’, and even tired.  I especially find that sodas leave me feeling poorly, and I gave those up pretty much completely.

  • Think of How Much Weight This Food Will Add


How much weight will this food add to your body.  And what are the other impacts this food will have to your body.  Take a few minutes and really think whether eating this food is really worth it, or is it just a fleeting pleasure.  While I agree that life is short, and a few fleeting pleasures are not off the table, there is a balance with the enjoyment of begin healthy for the long run.
Never Go Hungry – This is the one that gets me every time.  I have great intentions about eating the right foods, and doing well with my diet.  Then, inevitably I end up missing a meal, or I just get hungry during the day.  Once I get hungry, though, all reason goes out of the window.  I become a ravaging animal looking for any source of food that will meet my basal needs.  And usually the first thing I find is high in sugar and fat, the exact wrong foods to eat if you are trying to lose weight.  By eating breakfast, taking snacks with me, and having healthy foods handy all help me to keep my hunger and self control at bay.

  • Create a plan of what you will eat ad follow it –


Many of us go from meal to meal thinking ‘what should I do for lunch’?  Come up with a game plan for what foods you will eat throughout the day.   What will you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Believe it or not, having a plan in place can actually save you time throughout the week.

There are just a few quick ways that you can improve your self control and ultimately start shedding the extra weight while you start your running to lose weight program.  In the next post of this two-parter I will share a few more mind tricks to help you with these goals.

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