Making Fitness (and Running) a Part of Your Life

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There are many parts and components of our life such as our career, family, spiritual life, finances, personal development, social life, and our health.  If we neglect any of these areas then it makes it more difficult to be successful in the other areas.  Your health and fitness, then, can be a great way to improve your quality of life in all the other areas.  If you are unhealthy and sloppy, for example, it makes it difficult to go interview with an employer, or make that big sale to a prospective client.  I believe that having a fitness program such as running should be a priority to everyone, and that a running schedule should be a normal part of your weekly, and even daily routine.

If you think of running as something you do two or three times a week, then your week will be a roller coaster of good days and bad days.  You will struggle with ‘getting your workout in’ because you never know what day you should do it.  Instead, think of fitness and running as  way of life.  Work some sort of fitness and physical activity into every day of the week. Some days can be more intense than others, and I would recommend that you change up your routine over the week.

When I wrote out the running schedules for this site wrote them out with this idea that some sort of fitness will be integrated into each day of the week.  Of course, I do suggest you take off at least a day or two of rest.  This is a great way to get some extra activity and also burn extra calories.  Even if you are just walking on the off days, you are burring calories on those days that you would otherwise not be burning.

By making fitness an important part of your life, you are building success into the other areas of your life while getting in great shape and feeling grate.  Making the workout a part of your regular routine will actually make it easier for you to actually have a routine, and get the physical fitness that you need.

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