Lessons Learned: Part 3 of Marathon Training Journey

rock and rol marathon
I have added another guest post over at the Marathon Training Academy site, where I have been sharing about my training for the upcoming Rock and Roll marathon this fall.  Regardless of where you are as a runner, hopefully this will give you some motivation and insight to be a better runner.  Below is a snippet of the post, but you can read the full post over at Marathon Training Academy.

My Long Runs are Getting Longer
The challenge, of course, is working that long run into my schedule.  Now that my runs are approaching two hours, I cannot just ‘go for a quick run’ like I used to.  I am trying to set aside time on fridays to go for the long run.  On these days I can get up a few minutes earlier, and go into work a few minutes later.  I am fortunate to be my own boss, so I think he will let me make this adjustment.

As far as my long runs go, last week I ran a 10.8 mile run in 1 hr 43 minutes (9:31/mile pace).  Pretty soon I will be up to half marathon status!  I have a little less than 5 months until my race, still, so it looks like I have some time to take it easy and build my endurance slowly.

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