Journal Entry: My First Marathon and Poor Eating

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For Friday posts, I have been posting about some random and different things about running.  On this Friday, I just wanted to share some personal thoughts about what I have been up to with my running program and what is going on in general.  This is kind of a journal entry or true ‘blog’ entry, but I think you can learn a lot about running for beginners by reading some of the points that I mention in this post.

My First Marathon
I think I have mentioned on here that I am actually going to run a marathon in November.  It will be my first marathon that I have run.  In fact, the furthest I have run was about 8 miles, and that was just last week!  I have been running for a long time, but I have never really taken my rung to the next level.  I recently decided to do just that.  So I have started working on getting ready for the marathon.  Even though the marathon is a little more than six months away, I am trying to work on getting my mileage built up for the marathon.  I hope to be able to run a 20 to 22 mile long run before the big day.

Marathon Training Academy Updates
On a different note, I also wanted to share an exciting update about this blog.  I have teamed up with my friends over at Marathon Training Academy to create regular updates each month about my progress of training for my upcoming marathon, and using their system for doing it.  I am going to try to make the updates interesting and informative, and I will let you know here when I post to that site.

My Running Schedule
As a part of my preparation for the marathon, I am exercising six days a week.  I have been working out Monday through Saturday, with a break on Sunday.  I like working out everyday like this for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it keeps me in the frame of mind to workout every day.  I have my workout time set as the first thing I do each day, and I do not even think about it anymore as it is just a normal part of my routine.  I used to try to figure out what days I was going to get up early, and which days I could sleep in.  But I do not do that anymore, and I think it actually makes things easier overall.  Of course, I do take a break on Sunday as I mentioned, and this gives me a day to just ‘veg’ out, relax, and let my body recover and get ready for next week.  I do not do the same workout each day, though.  I do one or two hard days, an easy day or two, a medium day, and one or two cross training days.

This week, for example, I did an easy 3 mile run on Monday, then Tuesday and Thursday I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  On Wednesday I did a medium run of about 4 miles, and on Saturday I will run about 8 1/2 miles for my long run.  On Friday I did some strength and stretching exercises from the P90X program.

Do Some Kind of Activity Six Days a Week
When I wrote out the beginner and transition running schedules for this site, I basically wrote them the same way.  Every day  of the week except Sunday has some kind of activity planned.  The beginner and transition plan has you running for three days a week, and doing walking and/ or light stretching three days of the week.  I do give you Sunday off to take a mental  and physical break from exercise.  If you will follow this program in this way, then it is really easy to switch an extra run or other activity for a walk.  This is a great way to get some extra miles in and also bun extra calories.  Even if you are just walking on the off days, you are burring calories on those days that you would otherwise not be burning.  And anytime you are burning calories it will help you lose weight!

Sometimes You Need an Easy Week
For whatever reason, I felt kind of tired this week, and my muscles were sore.  My lower back muscles were especially tight, and I decided to take it a little easier this week.  That is why I did two cross training days, and I took today to just do the stretching and strength exercises.  Even though I took it easy this week, I still was able to stay in my routine, and I was able to burn a few calories as well.  I am hoping that I will be able to pick the intensity back up next week by adding another hard running workout.  But, I may need to do some stretching on one of those days still.

Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut
The other goal that I have is to not only stay in decent shape, but to shed a couple of inches around my waist.  I do not know about you, but I really do not like when my pants start to feel too tight!  So, that is the other reason I like to do some physical activity each day and run is to lose some weight.  Now, my diet is a different story.  I do not have the best eating habits.  I have always tried to outrun my eating habits; in other words, I may go run a couple miles, and then feel like it is OK to eat some ice-cream or other junky foods.  I know that is a silly habit, and I am trying to get better by doing some things to improve my diet and eating habits.  The problem I have is it seems the more I exercise the hungrier I get.  I just need to learn to eat better foods when I get hungry, and not grab for the junk.  This is obviously easier said than done, I know!

So that is how things are going with my running and fitness at this time, and I hope that provides some insight and or ideas to your running program.  Let me know if you like reading this kind of post, and if you have any thoughts.

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