Join the WordPress Worldwide 5k This Week

Worldwide wordpress 5k runWordPress is a software that helps people blog, and it has been at the forefront of the blogging movement since it has started to take off some years ago.  The makers of this software, Automattic, has decided to get off of there computer chair, and out running.  To help motivate them to do this, they even created a 5K event for all of their platform users.  And, since I am a blogger and a runner, I thought I would share this with my audience.

The cool thing about this 5K event is that it is done at your convenience, and then you post your results to us afterwards.  The 5K event can be done anytime this week April 4 -10, 2011.

As far as rules, there really are not many.  You can do your 5k inside on a treadmill, outside, you can walk it, run it, or any combination thereof.  Just let us know how it goes here, at the WW5k page, or on your own blog.  If you have a wordpress blog, just use the ‘WWP5k” tag.

You can read more about the wwp5k at the link provided.  They even have some good tips including how to map out your 5K run.

Take Action!
Go run a 5K this week, and let us know how you did.  What was your time?  Where did you run?  Was is hard?

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