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Is Overuse the Most Common Cause of Running Injuries?

One of the most common causes of running injuries, if not the most common cause of running injuries, is sometimes know as overuse.  Overuse is basically doing too much too soon, and ignoring the signs that your body is giving you. 

Many people make this same mistake, and end up hurt and unable to run.  Many of these injuries happen progressively as a muscle, tendon ligament, or sometimes, a bone constantly has to absorb the impact of running before it is ready too. 

The real danger of overuse is that you put impact on parts of your body before they have become accustomed to the forces.  Instead, you must slowly build up these muscles, ligaments, etc in order to take the pressure.

The Connection Between Overuse and Running Injuries

While you’re running, your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, experience roughly 3 times your body weight with every step you take.  This explains why many runners get injured.

In order to stay healthy, your tissues have endure these loads. Due to the repetitive nature of running, these loads are repeating during the run, so even a minor flaw in your form could cause problems.

Hence an injury happens when, overtime, your body can no longer take the combination of the repeated force and improper running form.

So, whenever your foot strikes the ground, the forces are passed on along your thighs and legs to the spine each and every time you take a step. And if there is any biomechanical irregularity anywhere along this line of forces, then injuries can take place.

How to Avoid Injuries Due to Overuse?Now that we know that overuse can be a huge reason for injury, the question is how can we avoid such injuries?

– Take it Slow

You did not get out of shape overnight, so don’t try to do too much too soon.  One of the best things you can do to avoid injury due to overuse is to take your time, and build your running incrementally.

– Listen to Your Body

Many times an injury occurs after you had some signs that could have told you there is a problem.  If you have some mild pains or suffering, that may very well be your body telling you there is something wrong.  You may need to consult a physician or look at making an appropriate change so that an injury is avoided.

Some of the other causes of running injury include running  and how to avoid them have been discussed before, and you will want to review those items as well.
By begin smart about your running, and following these tips for avoiding injury due to overuse, hopefully you will be able to stay injury free and continue to improve your running and endurance.

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