How to Squeeze Running Into a Hectic Schedule

running with hectic lifeToday is a Monday morning, and I have been trying to focus the Monday posts on something motivational.  So, today I want to talk about how it can be difficult to run when your schedule is hectic, and there does not seem to be time to fit in a run.

Is your schedule so busy that you do have a tough time fitting in exercise?  Here are a few ideas that may help you squeeze in a few runs even when life is hectic.

Plan Your Run Days
Some days jet will not allow you to run due to schedule, etc. Go ahead and plan those days as off days, and try to run before and after that day.  Of course, there are other days where things happen that you did not plan for.  If that happens, then keep in mind it is okay to take a day off.

Wake Up Earlier
I prefer to run in the morning.  With a large family, and an engineering business to run, I have a better chance of getting my run in if I go first thing in the morning.  After work my family needs my attention, we have dinner, and then it is time to go to bed.

Run at Lunch Time
Your work and schedule may allow you to run at lunchtime.  Perhaps you have a shower at work or at the gym you can use.  If you have an hour lunch, you may be able to squeeze in a 20 or 30 minute run.  You can eat a sandwich quickly in the car and get back to work.

Use a Treadmill –
How does running on a treadmill help me fit running into a busy schedule?  A treadmill allows you to run late at night and early in the morning when you may not feel safe to run outdoors.  Also, you can be close by your children if you have little ones to watch.  A treadmill allows you to run when the weather does not allow running.  If it is too cold, raining, or even too hot, you may decide to stay inside on the treadmill.

Run With a Stroller
If you have kiddos, you may need to invest in a jogging stroller.  I used to run with a double jogging stroller.  Running with a jogging stroller can slow you down a bit, but at least you will feel lighter when you do have a chance to run alone.  If you do run with a stroller, make sure you get one with a strap so your little ones don’t get away from you!

A Short Run is Better Than No Run
If you just have a short time to go run, remember that a short run is better than nothing. Do you just have 20 minutes?  Well, maybe you can use that time to do a mile interval.  Make sure you still warm up and cool down, even though you are short on time.

Be a weekend warrior –
Saturday and Sundays can be a great time to play catchup with your running.  If you just ran nor or two days during the workweek, and then ran on the weekend days, then you would be doing pretty good.  Just make sure that if you run on Saturday and Sunday back to back that you make one of the days easier in order to give your body sufficient time to recuperate from a hard run.

I know that life can get busy for all of us.  Whether you are busy with your work, family, or social life, I hope that these tips give you some ideas to help squeeze more runs into your weekly routine.

What do you think?
What is a way that you are able to fit running into a busy schedule.

Take Action
Pick one of the ways from this list and try to fit in an extra run this week.

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    Go check out Jess’s upgrade to my post. Some more photos and even more fun. They have some good stuff over there.


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