Grasping the 5 Pieces of the Running for Weight Loss Puzzle

running to lose weight

My wife loves to put together puzzles.  She will spend hours and hours trying to match the right pieces together.  Finally, she will have a completed puzzle and a beautiful picture to enjoy.  Then I realized that weight loss and running can be a puzzle as well.  Weight loss truly can be a confusing and frustrating topic to understand.  You have all different types of exercise and diets out there, and you are not sure which one to trust.  It really does not need to be that complicated, though. Today, we are going to show you how you can finally get a grasp on the puzzle of running for weight loss.

* Mindset  –
The first thing that you should understand is that the majority of success (or failure) will come from between your own two ears.  Learning the concepts and truths about weight loss is a big part of that.  But you also need to have a good positive outlook, and know that you can be successful with your weight loss and running goals.  Quit telling yourself that you cannot run, or you cannot lose weight.  Instead, start telling yourself that you are a runner, and you are healthy.  You need to understand that some changes need to be made in your life, and what you are doing is not working.   Decide ahead of time that you are going to eat healthy and that you are going to exercise.   Come up with a plan for your exercise and nutrition and follow it.  If your mind is doing the right things for weight loss, eventually your body will follow.

* Set Weight Loss Goals –
A simple truth of life is that those people who set goals usually are more successful.  What are your goals for running and weight loss?  Do you want to lose a pound per week?  Make sure that the goals you set are reasonable, but that they do challenge you as well.  Once you write out your goals, then share them with friends and family members, and post them in an easy place to see.

* Slow and Steady Wins the Race –
Remember that you did not gain your weight all at once, and you will not lose it all at once either.  It is going to take time, and it is going to take effort.  Don’t think that you can go run around the block a couple times, and lose  that belly fat it took years to develop.  One of the classic children’s stories is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.  Just like the tortoise, you will win the weight loss ‘race’ if you take your time.  As you see some small improvements along the way, then rejoice in your success.  Build on that success, and continue to do the things that work for you.

* Don’t Forget Nutrition –
Running and exercise can be a great supplement to your weight loss strategy.  But you will never be able to outrun your eating habits.  As we learned from Dr. Robert, the overwhelming majority of weight loss will come from changes in your eating habits.  Start focusing more on fruits and vegetables and proteins, and less on processed foods and sugars.  Make a change per week in your diet for the better.  Over a year, you will have changed your eating habit in 52 ways.

* Burn Calories with More Running and Exercise –
As a supplement to a good nutrition plan, running is a great way to burn calories and fat.  If you follow my running schedule provided here, you will know that I have you running three times a week and walking two days a week.  This amount of exercise will burn around 800 calories per week.  (Keep there are 3500 calories in a punned of fat.   So, the 800 calories you burned with your running program is about a quarter needed to lose a pound of fat.  If you lost another quarter pound of fat per week through nutrition, then that would be a half a pound of weight loss per week.  Which adds up to 26 pounds of weight loss over a year.  How does 26 pounds of weight loss over a year sound?

If you take one piece away from a puzzle, then it is incomplete, and does not make a whole lot of sense does it?  In the same way, it is important to combine all five of the pieces of the weight loss puzzle in order to make real progress with your weight loss goals.

What do you think?

Are you frustrated with the topic of weight loss and running to lose weight?

What is the biggest thing that has helped you be successful at losing weight?

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