Get the Mindset to Lose Weight

get the mindet for running to lose weight

This post is inspired from a discussion I had this week with my friend, Joey.  Joey has just started a running and weight loss program, and he is actually doing quite well so far.  He has already lost about 12 pounds just by modifying his eating habits, and now he is supplementing a walking and running program as well.

When Enough is Enough
I asked him what it was that made him decide to finally lose the weight.  He said there were a couple of things that really kind of ‘snapped’, with him.  First of all, he was getting tired of carrying around the extra weight.  As he has gotten a little older, carrying the extra 30 or so pounds around becomes more difficult to do.  I think the real thing that snapped with Joey was when he was outside playing with his kids, and he could not play stickball with his kids without getting keeled over, winded, and puking everywhere.  Not only that, but he was on the softball team and everyone laughed at him when he had to stop at second base because he was out of breath.  At that point in his life, Joey realized that he was overweight and out of shape, and he needed to do something about it.   That was the point my friend decided that it was time to make a conscious decision to change his eating and exercise habits.

The Weight Loss Mind Shift
Once he made that decision in his mind to actually start eating and exercising differently, it is just a matter of doing it.  He set a goal in his mind and then followed up with it.  And once the progress of losing some weight starts happening, it just becomes easier to stick with the eating and exercise habits that are working for you.

What is Working for You?
I asked Joey what was the biggest things that have helped him lose weight so far.  For him, it was the portion control.  Instead of going back for seconds and thirds at dinner time, he would eat a reasonable portion size.  Making a conscious decision to eat reasonably has made a big dent in his weight.  This, in addition to burning some jogging calories really made a difference.  Often, making one or two subtle changes in your weight loss really can make a big impact in your weight loss.

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