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I think one of the biggest factors of running is motivation.  What goes on between our ears often governs what goes on with our feet.  For runners, you have to get yourself motivated first to start running, and then have to motivate yourself to finish.  I just wrote a guest post over at the Nutrition Success website that you will definitely want to check out.  Below is a little tease to get you started, but the rest of the article can be found at the link.

You have been running for almost two hours now, and the sweat is pouring down your face.  When you left for your run it was early morning, but now the sun has started to beat down on you.  You know you need to finish this long run today if you are going to do well in your upcoming race, but right now you just feel like giving up.  Does this sound like one of your runs?  If so, then maybe you need some motivation tips to help you the next time you go for a run.

I would like you to keep an open mind about these tips.  While some may seem silly, they really do help.  Just try it and see.  If it helps you run better, then who cares if they are silly, right?

6 Motivation Tips for Finishing a Run  – Click the link for the rest of the article

What do you think?
What kind of motivation techniques do you use to help you finish a tough run?

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