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Marathon TrainingIf you were not aware, I am working to run my first marathon this fall.  Along the way, I have decided to share my experiences in a blog series over at Marathon Training Academy.  During this series, I will share my experience of training for and preparing for my first marathon using the MTA Official Guide.  I am hoping my triumphs and failures along the way to running my first marathon will provide inspiration for many in their running goals.

Here is a brief snippet of my post. Check out the rest over at the Marathon Training Academy website.

What Made Me Decide to Run a Marathon?
At about that same time this spring, I was approached by a friend who asked me if I wanted to do a marathon with him in November of this year.  I did not give him an answer at that time.  I thought about it over the next few days and weeks.  At first, I was nervous about running a marathon.  After all, that is a long way to run, and a lot of training would be required!  Then I had all sorts of questions come into my mind.  Did I have what it takes to run a marathon?  Did I have the time to train?  Would this be bad for my knees and back?  These and other doubts were keeping me from trying to run a marathon.  And, frankly, I still do have questions, fears, and doubts about running a marathon.

Take Action!
Go over to the blog at Marathon Training Academy and read the entire post. Then, leave a comment sharing your thoughts!

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