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Running EArbudsI have decided to do some gear reviews once a week.  Today, I want to talk about earbuds of all things.  I am someone who almost always takes my music player with me when I run.  Currently I am actually carrying along my iphone with me.  And I am kind of particular about the earbuds I use.  I have found that the earbuds that come many of the music players you buy, including the ipod, leave a lot to be desired.  The cords are often too short to run with, and the earbuds tend to fall out of the ears. The plastic coating on these earbuds can get slippery when you start to sweat.  It is really annoying to me when this happens, so i have been on a quest for the perfect earbud.  And, I think I have found one earbud that I enjoy to run with.

The earbuds that I like are the Gumy earbuds by JVC.  These come in a variety of colors, and at less than $10 are readily affordable.  The length of the cord is just about right for running.  And, the buds have some kind of coating that keeps the buds from slipping out of your ears, even when you sweat!  While there are some earbuds and headphones that may be able to have better quality or other features, the Gumy earbuds are the ones that I use for now.
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