Four Important Health Benefits of Running

Most people run to stay in shape, lose weight, or for some other health benefit.  The fact is that there are many health benefits associated with running.  This article addresses just a few of those benefits.

Keep Your Weight in Check
The biggest reason that I run is to stay in shape.  I have never really had a weight problem, and I think that is mostly because I have basically ran regularly my whole life.  For the past several years I have ran three miles a week for about three miles.  And until a few years ago, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted to eat.  Recently, I have noticed that I need to watch my diet in addition to exercise.  I have also had to increase the days that I run from three days a week to four days a week in order to try to keep in good shape.

Weight Loss
If you need to shed a few pounds, running is a great way to do it.  Not only do you burn a ton of calories, it actually can increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day.  And if you combine a running program while improving your diet and nutrition, you will really see some marked improvements in your figure.  Obviously, there is no magic pill, and you should not expect overnight success.  But as continue to improve in running and in eating, and the results will follow.

Improve your Cardiovascular Health
Cardiovascular is a fancy term for anything that involves you heart and veins.  When I go in for a regular checkup at the doctor, I always have good blood pressure and heart rate.  The main factor that I think causes this is that I keep in good shape through running and other forms of exercise.   Aerobic exercises such as running is a great way to keep your heart healthy and free of heart disease.  Running can even help prevent cancer!

Improve Your Emotional and Mental Health
Because of the other health benefits of running, you will tend to have a better self-image, and you will feel good overall about yourself.  As a result, you will be better off mentally and emotionally as well.

The health benefits of running alone are enough to consider starting a running program, though there are other benefits of running.   As you are able to run farther, you will begin to see other areas of your health improve as well.  So, do not give up, and stay with the program here is your success in running for beginners!


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