Fitness Tips from Leonardo Davinci

You probably know who Leonardo Davinci is, and you may know him as a great artist, inventor, or maybe you just know the name because you saw the movie ‘The Davinci Code”.  But did you know that you can learn about health and fitness from the maestro, Leonardo Davinci?  Surprisingly, we can!  Well, believe it or not, this man was actually considered a specimen of physical fitness.  He was described as having a muscular physique, and quite strong.  Which is not exactly the kind of condition I would have imagined him to have, but he did.  And, whenever we see someone who is successful in a certain area, we should mimic what they do in order to find the same success.  So what did Davinci do to achieve such physical condition, anyway?

Right now I am reading a book called ‘Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci’ by Michael Gelb.  The book describes the many intelligences everyone has.   One chapter of the book describes the intelligence of physical fitness and dexterity, which Davinci excelled at.  Davinci believed it was important to keep your body healthy, strong, balanced, flexible, and poised.  He valued living healthy, being active, and eating right.

Now truthfully, I am not sure that he was actually a runner, though  according to Gelb, “Walking, riding, swimming, and fencing were the maestro’s preferred forms of regular exercise”.  But, who knows, maybe he was a runner.  After all, it seems like this man did it all!

I think that we can learn some timeless advice about taking care of our body from someone who was in great shape over 500 years ago.  Here are some pointers that Gelb published from one of Leonaro’s notebooks:

“To keep in health these rules are wise:
* Beware of anger and avoid grievous moods
* Res your head and keep you mind cheerful
* Be covered well at night
* Exercise moderately
* Shun wantonness, and pay attention to diet
* Eat only when you want and sup light.
* Keep upright when you rise from the dining table
* Do not be with the belly upwards or the head lowered
* Let your wine be mixed with water, take a little at t atom, not between meals and not on an empty stomach
* Eat simple food
* Chew well
* Go to the toilet regularly!”

Being healthy and in good physical condition is important to your life in general.  Being healthy helps you to be more sharp, helps you be in a better mood, and it may even help you be an inventor or artist!  Following the tips from Leonardo will not only help you in life, but I believe this advice can help your running program and running for weight loss goals as well.

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  1. Patrick T. Randolph says:

    It is not surprising, but at the same time refreshing, to know that a great mind also supported the wonders of physical exercise. As John Medina claims, “It is cognitive candy.”

  2. Yes, in John Medina’s book, Brain Rules, he calls physical exercise ‘cognitive candy’. Here is the quote: “All of the evidence points in one direction: Physical activity is cognitive candy” (p.22). This is on the same page that he looks at the importance of exercise and the production of BDNF. This is the neurotrophin that makes or helps create “baby neurons” in the hippocampus.

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