Did You Know These Practical Benefits to Running?

The health and fitness benefits of running have been well documented.  However, I wanted to show a few of the more practical ways that I have personally benefited from a regular running program.

Makes you Feel Better

I am not sure why this is, but shortly after you begin a running regiment, you will soon begin to feel more energy during the day.  Your stress level decreases, and you just feel better overall.  Sometimes, I will actually go for a run when I am stressed out or angry as a way to cope with the issue.  Usually, I feel my stress level reducing about halfway through the run.  If I am feeling good, then running usually makes me feel even better.

Get Some Thinking Done

Some of my best thinking is done when I go for a run.  As I run, my mind begins to wander, and I begin to think about all sorts of things.  I think one reason for this s that you are away from everyone, and there are no distractions.  You just begin to appreciate you surroundings, and take everything in.

Saves Time

Like many people, I am busy with my family and a career.   If I need a quick workout, I would much rather go for a run than go to the gym.  When I go to the gym, I have to include time for driving across town in addition to the time it takes to workout.  I can go for a thirty-minute run before my day begins rather easily, while going to the gym will take quite a bit more time and planning.  Not to mention I can save a few dollars if I fore-go the gym membership!  So, in my opinion, running is a more efficient way of getting a workout compared to going to the gym.

As Basic as it Gets

One of the first things we learned as a child was how to run, so virtually anyone can do it.  For the most part, you can strap on some running shoes and go!  You do not need any fancy equipment or gym membership.  Granted, you will need to build up your endurance over time, but running is as basic of an exercise as there is whether you are just learning about running for beginners or if you are an expert runner.

Running is Fun

As children, we ran when we played and when we were happy.  Running is a natural part of who we are as people.  As we grow up and get older, we can get out of shape, and running can become a chore.  But, when your body is in good condition, running is actually a fun hobby.

So, in addition to considering the health benefits of running, try to enjoy the actual process of running – get some fresh air, enjoy nature, and get your blood moving.

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