Childhood Running Memories

Creating Running Memories with my Boys

Today I wanted to take some time and just share a story of me running as a child.  This is really just a personal blog post, but hopefully you can gain some motivation or inspiration from my story.

For me, running is something that is a part of life, in large part because I  started running at an early age. This was largely due to my father being an avid runner himself, and because he took me along with him for runs.  (Of course back then we called it jogging).  My first memories of running were when I was a young child, maybe 6 or seven years old, running with my Dad in the evenings along a trail near our home in the country of South Carolina.  It was a wooded trail that meandered past a small pond.

From my childhood memory I like to think of it as a scenic trail along this pond.  Though in reality things are somewhat different.  In fact,  I just recently I drove by that old pond in order to reflect on my childhood, and from adult viewpoint it just seemed like a oversized mud-hole in the woods.  But from my memory – it is a scenic trail in the woods beside a pond where I spent much of my childhood.  That is the way I like to remember it.

I also remember the “dog stick” that my Dad liked to take with him when we went running.  When you run in the woods of South Carolina, there are often stray dogs on the loose, and you don’ t leave home without some sort of device to keep the dogs at bay.  to this day, anytime I go running in an area like this, I remember to find a dog stick.

I was just a little runt, but I did my best to keep up with my Dad while he was running.  I would sprint past him, and then when I got winded, he would just jog past me with a smile.  Eventually, I could not keep up with him anymore, and I would just walk back home, where we would meet up again some time later.  Now that I think back, it does boggle my mind a bit that I did walk through that wooded trail home by myself at  six years of age, and how I did not worry for one second that there was a problem.  Of course, as a parent now, I would never let my six-year old loose like that.  But things were different then, I guess.

Over time, I continued to go on runs with my Dad, and I was able to run a little farther and keep up with him more and more each time.  Going for runs with my dad and watching him have a regular fitness regimen definitely played a big part in my learning to run.   The running that I learned as a child would stick with me for a lifetime.

Now that I am an adult, I like to think back on those early days of running, and how it impacted me toe a runner, and now share about running for beginners.  I also like to share running with my own kids, and teach them the importance of fitness.  Hopefully you have some good running memories in your own life, and hopefully you can share running with your children as well.

What do you think?

Do you have any good or funny memories of running to share?

Are you teaching your children about running, and taking them along with you?

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