Keep from Cramping

leg cramps

Today we have a guest post from Jackie Dikos, R.D. about muscle cramping when you run.  I recently received an email question about this, and Jackie was kind to offer suggestions.  Jackie is a Sports Dietitian, 2:45 Marathoner, Mother of Two, and a blogger.  I want to thank her for letting me post this, and for her help understanding this issue of cramps.  If you need more advice about getting proper nutrition and ‘Fuel’ for […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: Let Your Results Skyrocket With these Running Workouts

rocket ships

For several years, I had the same boring running routine that I did 3 times a week.  I would run a 3 mile course at a ‘medium’ pace.  Then I did some reading about running, and found out about a few running workouts that you can do.  i also found out that these running workouts can not only put a spark in your running, but it also can make you a more balanced and better […] Read more »

Running Gear Review: Which is the better GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor for Running: the Garmin 305 or 405?

GPS Watch and Heart rate monitor

Have you considered getting a GPS and Heart Rate Monitor Watch? Having these features can help you improve your running program  A hear rate monitor is a useful way can help you determine if you are reaching your target heart rate or not, and can help you to track your effort.  The GPS feature allows you to track the distance you have run as well as your current pace.  Really, these things are pretty cool, […] Read more »

How to Run a Race Even if You are a Beginner Runner

jogging in a race

One of the best things about learning to run is to join up with may other runners in a road race.  You get to meet new people, learn new things, and see how well you are doing compared to others in your category of age and ability.  Right now there are races being held all over, and I am sure there are several races begin held in your community.  Today we are going to cover […] Read more »

Spice Up Your Running Routine With These Monotony Busters

Do you dread the thought of going for a run? Or maybe your runs are just being done out of obligation.  If this describes your running routine, then it is possible that you need to spice up your runs a little.  If you do anything the same way each time, the fact is you will become bored with it over time.  Consider making some changes, and mixing things up a bit.  You will be surprised […] Read more »

Run to Win with ‘The Competitive Runner’s Handbook’ – an Overview

A few months ago I decided to go to the library and get a book on running.  I wanted to learn about running for my own benefit as well as this blog.  To my surprise, The Competitive Runner’s Handbook was the only one on the shelf related to running; and so that is how my decision was made.  Your decision to read the book will hopefully have a better basis than mine did! Overview The […] Read more »

Under the Hood of Your Body’s Running Fitness – Four Major Components

Your body is a complicated machine, and thankfully there are people who understand how it works.   Today we are going to ‘look under the hood’ of this fine tuned machine of your body, and see exactly what makes up your running fitness.  From what I have learned, there are four predominant kinds of running fitness that your body has that will affect how well you run.  These four kinds of fitness include aerobic endurance, lactate […] Read more »