What is the Best Time of Day to Run?

Have you thought about what time of day is the most ideal to run?  Or does it even matter what time of day you run?  In this post we will look at the benefits of running at different times of day. Morning Runs Personally, this is my favorite time to run.  It is a great way to start the day off.  It wakes me up, and gets my metabolism and energy levels up.  At the […] Read more »

The 5-Week Transition Plan for New Runners

Recently, I wrote a 8-week running schedule for those who are absolute newbie runner, and think that running to the bathroom is  workout. That schedule was called the Jump Starter Plan for New Runners. f you have conquered that schedule already, or if you can run for about 10 minutes without a walk break, then you may be ready for the next in the series, which is dubbed the 5-Week Transition Plan. The reason that […] Read more »

Spring Forward to Your Running Goals

This weekend we in the US change our clocks by ‘springing forward’.  It is a sign that spring is here, and winter is moving to our rearview mirror.  Indeed, the birds start chirping, and the sun shines a little clearer.  What a better time to revisit your running goals, and think about some ways to supercharge your running program. Here are a Ten Running Goals you may want to look at this spring (or anytime) […] Read more »

JumpStart Your Running With This New Runner’s Schedule

For whatever reason you want to start running, whether it is to lose weight, run a race, or just feel better, you need to get onto some kind of schedule.  I know you have tried running before, and within a week or two you were back into the same lazy routine.  Perhaps you lacked motivation, you got burned out too quick, or you did not know what kind of schedule you should be on.  Having […] Read more »