Product Review: Supplement Checklist to Give Fatigued Runners an Energy Boost

Recently, we provided some supplement recommendations that will help runners recover after a workout, and crush fatigue.  If you are in need of an energy boost yourself, then these supplements may be of use. In this post, I have added links to each supplement for your use. You may want to go check out these products so you can recover properly from your running workout. Check out These Simple Supplements for Runners to Boost Energy […] Read more »

Power Runner’s Recipe: Banana Cream

running fuel

Bananas are a great food to provide nutrients and give you those carbs you need as a runner both before the workout and during recovery.  But, this fruit can also help to satisfy you when you are poking around the house for something sweet. Last night my wife made something she calls banana cream, which is made from frozen bananas that are blended until smooth.  She puts some chopped dates on the top of it […] Read more »

Supplements to Recover from Running Workouts

For those starting a running program, or for anyone who is getting a good strong workout, you may sometimes feel fatigued after the workout, and for a large part of the day.  If this is true, there are some things that you can do to recover better after a workout, and decrease the fatigue.     In addition to getting good sleep, and having a good fueling diet and nutrition plan, sometimes you still need to have […] Read more »

Review: PR*Bar is a Great Tool for Your Running and Weight Loss Success

I just tried out a nutrition bar called the PR*Bar, and I wanted to share my experience with you, and how this bar could provide you with the missing component that you need to really take your running to the next level. As we have talked about before, most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, and eating a high carbohydrate diet. The PR*Bar is a nutrition bar that is used to help give […] Read more »

Do Not Make this Running Hydration Mistake

Today I wanted to share something with you from my personal marathon training program.  It is actually a mistake I made when I would run my long runs.  Long runs are just runs that are 8, 10, or even 20 miles at a time.  I found out the hard way, that when you are running more than 20 or 20 minutes at a clip, it is vital to stay hydrated. This point came to my […] Read more »

Keep from Cramping

leg cramps

Today we have a guest post from Jackie Dikos, R.D. about muscle cramping when you run.  I recently received an email question about this, and Jackie was kind to offer suggestions.  Jackie is a Sports Dietitian, 2:45 Marathoner, Mother of Two, and a blogger.  I want to thank her for letting me post this, and for her help understanding this issue of cramps.  If you need more advice about getting proper nutrition and ‘Fuel’ for […] Read more »