I Survived My First Marathon: MTA Guest Post 8

First Marathon

This is the last of a series of guest posts I have been doing over at Marathon Training Academy, where I blogged about preparing for my first marathon using their system.  I went ahead and included the entire post here, because I am so excited about finishing the race. On November 5, 2011, I embarked into the unknown territory of running a marathon for the first time.  During that time I found why they call […] Read more »

Get Motivated: Running Fuel Guest Post

running motivation

I think one of the biggest factors of running is motivation.  What goes on between our ears often governs what goes on with our feet.  For runners, you have to get yourself motivated first to start running, and then have to motivate yourself to finish.  I just wrote a guest post over at the Nutrition Success website that you will definitely want to check out.  Below is a little tease to get you started, but […] Read more »

Six Tips to Help Parents Get in a Running Routine

For those of us with a family, sometimes it can be difficult to work in our running and exercise program along with the duties of being a parent and spouse, not to mention the duties of our work life.  So how do get in the habit of running when we have all of these responsibilities?  Here are a few tips that may help. 6 Tips to Help Parents Stay in a Running Routine Obviously the […] Read more »

Is Running a Priority?

We all must have priorities in life.  By having priorities in life, we can have balance, which is just a better way to live.  But where does running fit into your life?  Is it too high or too low a priority?  These are questions we will examine, and help you ensure running is at the right place in your life. So the first thing is to examine your priorities.  For some of you, maybe you […] Read more »

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a 10K

running a race

Several years ago I had some friends that decided they were going to run in the Charleston, SC Cooper River Bridge 10K Run.  Since we live an hour away from Charleston, they were going to stay at our house the night before the race, and we would go to the race in the morning. I knew about the race in advance, and I had prepared for it to some degree.  But, me being the procrastinator […] Read more »

Childhood Running Memories

Today I wanted to take some time and just share a story of me running as a child.  This is really just a personal blog post, but hopefully you can gain some motivation or inspiration from my story. For me, running is something that is a part of life, in large part because I  started running at an early age. This was largely due to my father being an avid runner himself, and because he […] Read more »

Running Success Principle: Sacrifices and Choices

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, I heard one of the athletes being interviewed after she won a swimming event. She was asked what sacrifices she had to make in order to be successful. But she gave an answer that was surprising.  I do not recall the name of the athlete, but I do know that was a wise statement that she made.  She said that it is not really about sacrifices, but it is about […] Read more »